Project: Organizing a Birthday Party for My 2 Kids

I have 3 kids. The first one, a girl, was born on 16/2/2010. The second one, a boy, was born on the 29/1/2013 and the third one, a girl, was born on the 1/6/2015. In my opinion, it is very important to celebrate your kids birthday. It is a very emotional thing. The kids will learn that they have grown up to a certain age. This also gives a reason to gather all family members.

Organizing a birthday party is time consuming, takes a lot of energy and of course money. We decided to celebrate birthday of two of our kids together since their birthday are close to each other. Which is 29/1 (our 2nd child) and 16/2 (our 1st child). This will cut our cost, plan a bigger party and gives more reason for people to come.

It takes a team and a plan. In this case the team consist of me and my wife. We need to plan properly and delegate tasks so that it won’t overburden anyone. It’s a wonderful process as it gets us closer to each other. So here’s the plan.

First we need to set the date, time, participants and venue. We decided to do it on 7/2/206, Sunday, 4 pm at our house.

The participants will be my family members only. In total, I have 31 family members compared to my wife 8. So my wife agreed that we will invite my family members only. So I started to ask my parent first. The most important people in my life. Alhamdulillah they agreed with the time. And the rest followed. Everyone came accept my brother in Langkawi and 2 of my sisters in Melbourne.

FOOD – (wife)
Next we need to plan on the food. My wife has been given the task to prepare the food. We ordered one cake only. We splitted the top design into two. We put RobocarPoli characters, Poli and Amber. My wife cooked all the food her selves!

GAMES – (me)
Working as a fellow, which gives a house in a residential college give me a big advantage. Next to my house are two open air badminton courts. So I have arranged for several outdoor games which are futsal kids, musical chair, riddles, badminton and bouncing ball!

To create a birthday party mood, we need to decorate the house. We put some carnival flags and post some birthday wishes texts on the wall.

BUDGET – (me & wife)
Roughly I think it cost us around RM500. But I personally think it worths more than that!

The party ends around 9pm. It was a great family time. Worth all the money, energy and time.

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