Sharing: Your Kids REAL SCHOOL is at home with YOU as the teacher

Send kids to school. Expect the teachers to teach them to be clever, smart, good moral, etc. If  it turn out good, most of the time the PARENT THINKS THEY have done a good job giving no credit to teachers. Some will think both parent and teacher have done a good job. If things turn bad, most of the time the blame will be on the teachers. And we start to be suspicious on what had been taught at school. We start to say NO to all sort of things at school.

Telling people what is right and what is wrong. Of course we pay the fees and we expect them to give a good education to our kids. Its never easy to teach kids. I admit, sometimes I felt great relieve after sending our kids to school.

But REAL SCHOOL is at home. Think about it. We as parent is the closest people to them. The most loved and trusted people. We are their role model. They want to be like us. Don’t we want them to be like us? But what happen in reality is on weekdays, we all have our routines. In day time we go to work and in the evening we go back home. By the time we get back home, we felt tired and we wanted a rest. And this is the time our kids can BE WITH US on weekdays. They want our attention. They want to share their stories. They want to play with us. They want to dine with us. They want to be with us as much as possible. For some, this is a blessing. But some this is an unwanted stress at home.

So how do we turn our HOME into a SCHOOL. First of all it doesn’t have to be physically exactly like a school. What it takes is a discipline. We need to embrace every precious moment with them. Here’s what I do.

5.30 am – I normally wake up for my fajr prayer. At one time my daughter will wake up everytime she hears the Athan. That was when she was 1-3 years old. She wants to follow me to the musolla. But now at the age 6, it rarely happens. Maybe she’s tired because of school. After fajr prayer I will read some hadith. Some might say, what am I teaching here. Do you know that your kids are watching you?

6.30 am – I will wake up my daughter and prepare her for school. During this precious moments, I took the opportunity to teach her few things using words. Words are powerful tools. If you repeat it many times it will become reality. I always advice her things like we need to sleep early, so that we can wake up early, not feeling sleepy. We need to wake up for fajr prayer. During bath, I teach her how to soap her body and brush her teeth. Then teach her how to wear her school uniform. After that, breakfast. Take a moment and recite doa together. Tell her that we must finish our food. We must be grateful for all the food we had. Read doa after meal. Practice what we preach. Clean your mouth and hand. Do you know that your kids are watching you?

7.30 am – Send her and my son to kindergarten. Wearing shoes can be good time to teach them a few lesson. Tell them how important to use a clean shoes. How we must arrange all shoes neatly at the rack. f we are wearing shoes, we must wear socks. The reason is because our foot sweat and will create an unpleasant smell. As we drive, take the opportunity to teach something. Explain whats happening around as we drive to the kindergarten. For example if you see a police. Tell them what is a police and their role to the society. Arriving at school, kiss them. Give them some motivation. Tell them that we love them. Study hard.

5 pm – pickup from school. Take a rest with them. Do not cast them away. They should be the mean to release all your stress and tiredness. Enjoy their company.

7 pm – Maghrib and Isyak prayer. Bring them to the musolla. Teach them whenever we hear the Athan, we must stop whatever we are doing because Allah SWT, the creator is calling us.

10 pm -time to sleep. Get them to clean themselves. Make doa before sleep.

At first it takes a massive energy. As it becomes routine things becomes easier. If we love our family, we want to be with them forever. And the only things that will last forever is the hear after not the Dunia. So If we love them, make sure they are on the right track so that we can meet up again in heaven forever.

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