Sharing: Memorization of Al-Quran

2016 has passed and now is the best time to do some reflection. For most people, they will look back at all their past achievements in their career, family, wealth, businesses and the list goes on. As for me, I did the same thing. Looking back at all the achievements and failures throughout 2016.

One of the important thing that we, as someone who believes in the hereafter, is the memorization of the Quran. I listed all the 114 surahs and mark all the surah that I have memorized either in full or part of it. To my despair, I only covered only 35 surahs.

This really hit me. I have decided before this coming Ramadhan 1438H in 2017, I must memorize at least 50 surahs. Here’s the list I created. Feel free to use it.

Download List of Surah in the Quran

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