Book: A Child Reads

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Almost all parents want their child to be an avid reader, opposing to kids watching too much TV or wandering around, wasting precious time. No kids are born as a natural reader. This is something that must be nurtured from the early childhood.

This book, A Child Reads, wrote by Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Bakkar gives some practical ideas & suggestions to encourage children to read & learn. I remembered my mom gave me this book. It was last 2 years, during the month of Ramadhan 1436H, at Subang Parade. While we are completing our Asar prayer, my mom bought this book at one of the kiosks. Back then in 2015, I have 3 kids. Now 4 kids, Alhamdulillah.

Only now that I had the time to read it and finished it on 5/5/2017. Thank you, mom. You are the best and I love you. For those who are interested in this book, you may get it online here;

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