Sharing: How to find research gaps for Ph.D.

This is one of the golden questions normally ask by any potential Ph.D. students. I did my proposal and my supervisors said that the proposed project has already been done and you need to dig further. It took me 3 months to complete the proposal.

Moving forward, I know that I’m not there ‘yet’. I need to improve my skills and knowledge. As usual, one of the best places to ask is Google. So I Google for How to find research gaps for Ph.D. Here are some of the articles that I read by the sequence:


On the 1st link, James Hayton will put you into the right perspective. There’s different between finding a gap and an edge. The 2nd link provides some good points on how to get there. And the 3rd link more on simple technical tools that could help you.

And now to get the ball rolling again.

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