Sharing: Tools for Research

I believe having the right tools can give you a huge advantage. I have gathered some of the tools that I think will great to have. Some of them already in used, but some of it, I still need to figure out how.

Having things online are one of the greatest advantages that we have these days:

  1. A browser that will open all the necessary research web pages at an instance with one click. This will save a lot of time.
  2. Tool to organize articles – endnote web
  3. Tools to do office work – Microsoft Online, 365 and Google Drive
  4. Online Storage – Google Drive
  5. Articles Resources – Google Scholar, Research Gate, UM eLibrary and Publish or Perish
  6. List of Related Journals with alert on interested topics
  7. List of Related Conferences with alert on interested topics
  8. Follow researchers work & Building community – Research Gate, ResearcherID

But one of the main problems is having multiple email accounts. Should I use a different email account for specific used? Or should I use a single email account for everything? In my case, I have 3 email accounts:

  1. personal
  2. staff
  3. student

A personal email will last for long but will give less credibility. Staff email address gives you more credibility as it will show where you are affiliated to. Student email address is compulsory for all students and it shows that you are a student.

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