Projects: PhD Proposal

Alhamdulillah, after 3 months struggling to find time, juggling between teaching in the daytime, supervising students in the evening and serving my family needs, I managed to complete a full Ph.D. proposal on 3/3/2017.¬†It was never easy. The wealth of knowledge is endless. But we have to balance between reading and writing. I have to give my credit to my mom for always forcing me to write when I felt I don’t have enough knowledge to write.

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Book: An Approach to The Study of the Quran


During the fajr prayer on the 24/3/2017, I found this book, An Approach to the Study of the Quran at Fourth Residential College’s Musolla¬†(Surau). It has a very old and plain look, but the title triggered my attention. It was written by Sir Nizamat Jung. On the 25/3/2017, I read this book while waiting at the hospital for my wife to give birth to our fourth child.

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