Book: An Approach to The Study of the Quran


During the fajr prayer on the 24/3/2017, I found this book, An Approach to the Study of the Quran at Fourth Residential College’s Musolla (Surau). It has a very old and plain look, but the title triggered my attention. It was written by Sir Nizamat Jung. On the 25/3/2017, I read this book while waiting at the hospital for my wife to give birth to our fourth child.

To quote “The Holy Book of Islam was revealed for man’s guidance it offers is essentially of a moral nature: hence its claim to be A BOOK OF PRACTICAL WISDOM FOR IMPROVEMENT OF MAN’S CONDUCT IN LIFE. If we approach the Holy Quran in this belief, our progress through it would be easier, our acquisition of knowledge more helpful and its effect upon the mind more invigorating.” May Allah SWT gives us understanding of the Holy Quran.

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