Share: Mathematics Competitions for Kids

Mathematics is one of the essential skills required for any kids. Combined with some programming skills and creativity, they can come out with so many amazing stuff. I put mathematic mastery as one of my priority for the kids. The standard school has provided the essence. But I know I need to give my kids a different perspective on mathematics. I wantthem  to explore and apply their knowledge in real life. So one of the ways is entering Mathematics Competitions.

I discovered a few which is fair because it is open to all kids. Before this, most of the time, only the SELECTED get into this kind of things. Those with the HAVE! Anyway, this is the list of competitions that I’m planning to send my kids.

  1. Kangaroo Math Competition
    Deadline normally around 20th February Year
    Test normally on 16 March Year

2. Australian Mathematics Competition
Standard 3 and above
Register on 1/3-17/4
Test on 27/7

3. American  Mathematics Olympiads
Standard 3 and above
Register closed at 13/9
Test on 10/10


Again, it is not much to put pressure on your kids to have the best brain. But it is about giving them the exposure and confidence. To brush up their creative mind, I’m thinking of sending them to the art competition.

GlobalArt International Art Competition
Register 16/5-1/9
Date 3/12
Venue: Sunway Pyramid (2017)