Tasks: Complete your Postgraduate Diploma in Education

As an Education Officer in Foundation Studies of Science, University of Malaya, we are required to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Education program in Faculty of Education, University of Malaya. There were about 40 of us from the University of Malaya, University Putra Malaysia and Ministry of Education Malaysia. We started this program on 25/9/2017 and expected to finish on 19/8/2018. Recently we have just finished our first part out of three.

It was amazing. I think my brain has grown exponentially. Not just because we have to learn new things but we have to manage all the loads while still working normally. It brings me to a new level of self-actualization.

In the first part, we learned about History & Philosophy of Education, Sociology in Education, Development of Learning Tools & Applications, Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment in Statistics and Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment in Geometry. I am planning to share all our work at slideshare.net