Sharing: JTK KK5 Workshop – Slot on Financial SOP

Last weekend, 13-14/1/2018 we had JTK KK5 Workshop. The 2 day and 1-night workshop were held at Dash Box Hotel Cyberjaya. This workshop was customary to all new student leaders. It is part of their preparation as a leader. As a Treasurer and one of the fellows at 5th Residential Collge, University of Malaya, I was asked to teach on our Financial Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Since becoming a treasurer since 2013, I, together with my colleagues and students have come out with an SOP. The sole purposeĀ is to ensure everything related to money was conducted properly. Not many people like the idea of having an SOP because it will limit our work process. But to me, it is one of the best ways to make sure everything is done correctly.

Teaching an SOP is boring. Nobody like to hear long technical procedures. To overcome this, I have to come out with games and share real-life experiences to get the students attention. At the end of the day, we hope theĀ students understand and appreciate the importance of having an SOP.