Books: Why the Rich are Getting Richer – What is Financial Education..Really?

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On the 9/12/2017, I went to Midvalley, KL, Malaysia to submit my 7-year-old daughter Smiggle’s colouring contest form. It was the in-thing for the kids at that time. Every kids wants to have Smiggle.  I submitted the form and took some photos with the staff. Mission completed. It was too short. So I decided to go to MPH Bookstore at the end of the level. Without any intention of buying a new book, I browse around the store. Until I found this book.

The book was “Why the Rich are Getting Richer – What is Financial Education…Really?” by Robert Kiyosaki. I paused for a moment, look the front and back cover page, see whether there is anything interesting. The title itself is lame but very profound. By now, I already read several of his books, and I really love his idea about money. In fact, I gained more confident in taking control of myself not just in money but as a person.

Without any hesitation, I just grab the book and went on to purchased it along with another book about maths in life. By 16/1/2018, I managed to finish reading the book. It was good. I learned more history in money, more than I have learned anything before in my life. Petrodollar and how it has affected the world we live in. The history of US Dollar and how it affected the US and global market, and so on. I really recommend anyone who wants to understand about money read this book.

On my part, here is the short list of things that I want to do next:

  1. Play the cashflow game
  2. sign up for a real estate course
  3. visit the bank. talk to the manager and get more information on getting debt.

Before that, I need to prepare my financial statement for the past 3 years and cashflow for my rental house at Kuala Kangsar. I need to do my homework first.