Book: The ABCs of Getting Out of Debt

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I purchased this book,  The ABCs of Getting Out of Debt, on the 26/10/2015 at an MPH wholesale. It was almost three years back then, but only yesterday, Thursday 21/6/2018, I finished reading the book. This is part of my lerning process to increase my financial intelligent. Although most of the contents were alien to me since it is presented for the American context, but I believe it it pretty much relevant for all of us. Let’s face it. We lived in a capitalist world.

What shocked me is the level of credit and debt used in America. Having a credit is a must. Everyone whether you like or not must have some credit record. Things will only get worse if you don’t have one. This is contrast to the world of leaving in frugal and below your means. The book was written by Garreth Sutton, one of Rich Dad advisors.

You can find more about this book here.