Ideas: Reflection Series on the Subject of Calculus

The course that I had taken during my Diploma in Education, has given me a newly ignite motivation for me to increase my teaching and learning skills. I have decided to pursue my PhD in Mathematics in Education, and this has further motivated me as well. It has made me keep on thinking how to do better every day in my teaching and learning. Hence, I started to do start a Reflection Series for the subject of Calculus.

It is based on my personal teaching. I discussed on the problem that the students were facing in terms of their understanding in lectures, tutorials and environment. To date, I have made 4 reflection articles:
1. Is ∫ / equal to (ln x + c) or (log x + c)?
2. Constructing Trigonometric Substitutions for Integration
3. Integration of proper rational functions in Tutorial 5, Question No.5b
4. Constructivist Learning in Trigonometric Integrals
In doing so, it helps me to re-think on how we teach and learn.