Project: Organizing Materials using Google Classroom

For the subject Mathematics 1 for this Semester 1, Session 2019/2020, I have tested organizing contents using Google Classroom. With Google Classroom, loads of contents can be shared with the students. The old ways of teaching tutorials were by discussing the tutorial questions given to the students. If they managed to answer the questions, then they are good to go.

With limited time, it is understandable that the focus should be given on completing the tasks given. However, with applications like Google Classroom, we can share more materials with the students and hopefully, they can learn some extra things. So for this semester, using Google Classroom I shared with them the lecture notes, Tutorial Questions, Example on Applications and Mathematical Figures. Surprisingly, a survey that I conducted shows that the students found the mobile application as not helpful in their learning. This means a lot more research should be done. Here’s the classroom: