Article: Impact of Mobile Technology on Student Attitude, Engagement and Learning

Alhamdulillah, I finished reading this article on 10/5/2020. This article was written by Heflin, 2017. Here’s some of my take from this article:

  1. The treatment was collaborative learning using mobile phone apps, HeadsUp
  2. The variables measured were engagement, critical thinking abd attitude
  3. Comparison has been made by 3 groups using mobile phone, desktop and traditional hand writing.
  1. Many authors suggest that the use of mobile devices abd educational software in general is most effective when teachers are able to design the learning experience to match the device, program, and/or software with the learning outcome goals of the educational experience.
  2. Using multimethod model of analyzing; questionnaires, classroom behavioral observation and a completed written product.
  3. Three types of collaborative learning environments; common practice, intentional practice and HeadsUp
  4. Students in each intact class were divided into small groups of three to five students.
  5. Behavioral Engagement Related to Instruction (BERI) categories a model for developing the coding for engaged and disengaged behaviors in the video recording analyzed, Lane and Harris (2015).
  6. Video analysis was done using chi-square analysis.
  7. Paragraph response used one-way ANOVA.
  8. Questionnaire used factorial ANOVA.
  9. The author recommend that students generate paragraph responses with computers or on paper rather than with mobile device.
  10. Students that has experience using HeadsUp had more positive perception.
  11. We need to a pre-survey on using experience in learning using mobile phone in previous school.