Project: Re-designing Client’s Websites. Responsive to changes.

The internet has been evolving at an exponential pace. So does the mediums. New forms of mediums has been introduced to the market such as smartphones and tablets that comes in all sort of sizes. And the market still maintain the standard desktop and laptop. However, the most critical aspect on designing a website is whether it is responsive to the size of the screens.

You want a website that can adjust itself when appeared on big screen i.e desktop or laptop and able to change itself when viewed in smaller screen i.e your smartphone. You don’t want your desktop size website to appear exactly on your smartphone.

Having said that, I have the taken the task to do a total makeover 3 websites of my client. All those 3 websites are not responsive to smaller screen. I have taken several considerations in designing these websites:

  1. The website must be responsive to all type of devices regardless of its screen size
  2. I must complete the tasks in a very minimum time
  3. The design must look professional
  4. The design can be updated freely and has continuous support.

After I did some research, I decided to use WordPress. The themes I used were the default theme, readily available for user. Here’s the reason why:

  1. WordPress is free. You can install it on your domain name.
  2. It took me a few minutes to install it. A few hours to work on the contents.
  3. It is professionally built and has a strong community support.
  4. The defaults themes are given free and the best part is, it is updated freely.

Here’s the final end products of the websites. I admit it is not the best design. But it fulfill my needs and my client.

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