Ideas and New Projects

If you are interested in working with me on any of these projects, please let me know:

Digital College – Design an apps

  1. Problem: We are still doing the old ways of solving routines. For example, students have to fill in manual forms for complaints and submit to the office.
  2. Solution: Almost every student has a smartphone and wifi is available for free, 24-7. It is easier and efficient to send their complaints through their devices. This can be done through online forms, apps or even Whatsapp.

The Holy Quran with References to Scientific Paper

  1. Problem: Most of the scientific ayats in the Quran has been proven scientifically. However, it will be beneficial to us if there’s a book on the Quran with references to published scholarly articles.
  2. Solution: First we need to extract all ayats in the Quran with scientific value. Then we need to search any scholarly articles that support the ayats.

Azan & Masjid Tracking Apps

  1. Problem: There’s a lot of Azan apps available. Whenever an Azan has been called, Muslim must go to the nearest masjid to perform the prayer.
  2. Solution: Create apps that will call for Azan and will suggest the closest masjid or surau to the user. With this Muslim will be able to perform the best prayer as liked by our prophet Muhammad SAW which is to perform prayer when Azan is called, at the masjid/surau where the Azan is called and with jamaah.

Order Food Apps

  1. Problem: Customer who wants to take an away has to wait for a long time to get their order ready. Some people in a hurry and cannot afford to lose much time. At night, students prefer to take away their food. Enjoy it at their room or other places.
  2. Solution: Create an Apps where students can make an order. The student has to register to use the apps. The stall receives order. Payment via bank transfer or pay at the counter.

Meeting Room Booking System Apps

  1. Problem: We have lots of student activities with limited meeting rooms. Current practice is the student has to go to the office to make a reservation. The student has to check the availability of the room at the office.
  2. Solution: Create apps where the student can check on dates and rooms availability. Student makes a booking request. Admin will receive and approve it.

Online Complaints Form

  1. Problem: Currently we are using the conventional method. Student/Staff has to fill in the form manually. The difficult part on using this system is when we want to do an analysis. Very time-consuming.
  2. Solution: Using Google Form, we create an Online Complaints Form. Data will be tabulated in excel. This will help us to do a more accurate analysis and saves a lot of precious time.

Develop a responsive website for KK4

  1. Problem: Current website not responsive to tablets and smartphones. In smaller screen, the user has to view the website at the similar size shown on the desktop. Not mobile-friendly.
  2. Solution: Use WordPress (Content Management System (CMS)) as it is responsive to all forms of devices. Best of all it is free.