Projects: PhD Proposal

Alhamdulillah, after 3 months struggling to find time, juggling between teaching in the daytime, supervising students in the evening and serving my family needs, I managed to complete a full Ph.D. proposal on 3/3/2017.¬†It was never easy. The wealth of knowledge is endless. But we have to balance between reading and writing. I have to give my credit to my mom for always forcing me to write when I felt I don’t have enough knowledge to write.

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Project: Sold my first item on

Published my kid’s playpen on 3rd April 2016, Sunday, around 5pm. Got my first inquiry the next day around 8am. By 2pm the deal was done. Awesome.

Selling used items has always been on my mind for a long time. It has been boggling my ming for more than 5 years. Since the early days of ebays, lelong and the rest. But I opted for After doing some market research, I think is one of the most visited online marketplace.

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Project: Organizing a Birthday Party for My 2 Kids

I have 3 kids. The first one, a girl, was born on 16/2/2010. The second one, a boy, was born on the 29/1/2013 and the third one, a girl, was born on the 1/6/2015. In my opinion, it is very important to celebrate your kids birthday. It is a very emotional thing. The kids will learn that they have grown up to a certain age. This also gives a reason to gather all family members.

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